Ryan North

The Man Who Messed Up Walking His Dog So Badly It Made The News


I've been a speaker at venues as diverse as Blizzard Entertainment (where I spoke about how one makes money as an independant cartoonist) to Yale (where I spoke about comics in general) to TEDx (where I spoke about reinventing civilization from scratch when you're trapped in the past) to countless libraries and schools around the world, where I try to inspire my audience about both the medium of comics and the fun and excitement of science and technology.

I'd love to come entertain (and maybe even educate??) at your school, business, or event. Please contact Kate Berner at the Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau if you're interested in having me visit!

Recent events from the past little while include:

Current Projects

Squirrel Girl (art) by Erica Henderson, © MARVEL, Ophelia (art) by Kate Beaton, Midas Flesh (art) by John Keogh, Adventure Time (art) by Chris Houghton, © Cartoon Network